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Mary Hull
Location: Chicago IL USA

19. mars 2016 kl. 23:18
Thank you for this site. I've been trying to find ancestry on my Grandmother, Anna C Wiik born May 24, 1888. I know she had Twelve siblings. That's all I know about her. Any information would be appreciated. I think she is from Vik. She came to Ellis Island all by herself. Love your site.
Comment: Thanks Mary! I can't see any Anna born on that date in Vik. Actually, given that her last name is Wiik, it is likely that she is born of a farm called Vik, rather than the town Vik. People from here mostly took their names from the farms. I recommend that you do a search on

Mary Hull
Location: Chicago

22. mars 2016 kl. 02:21
Thank you so much for the archive site. I found my grandmother was from Lysaker.

Carron Brekke baxter
Location: Nevada, usa

29. mars 2016 kl. 06:06
Vik is beautiful. Last year I was fortunate enough to meet my Brekke cousins. They were charming and welcoming.
My Vik family emigrated to the USA through necessity. They became farmers in Iowa and North Dakota.
I was lucky to pick carrots and potatoes from the Brekke farm in Vik. That made me feel as if I belonged. I hope to return soon

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