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The district of Vik is situated on the southern side of Sognefjorden, the longest fjord in the world. Many roads lead to Vik, classified road 13 over Vikafjellet from Bergen and Oslo. The ferry connection Vangsnes - Hella - Dragsvik takes you over Sognefjorden, and the express boat to and from Bergen, twice a day during the summer.

In 2002, Vik district had approximately 2,900 inhabitants. Vik district has a varied economic life, which consists of industry, agriculture and tourism. The district is made up of 5 regions: Arnafjord, Vik (the central area), Vangsnes, Feios and Fresvik - mentioned from west to east along the fjord. Today, all these places have public services such as a school, nursery school, library and community hall. You also find a general store in every region. Today, the district also has 5 churches in active use. In addition to these 5, Vik has two Middle Age churches.
Hopperstad stave church Hopperstad stave church Hove stone church

Hopperstad stave church and Hove stone church are in the summer open to the public and are also used for church services and concerts (Hove) and weddings.

Vik is rich in old cultural monuments, and on a walk between these two churches visitors can see Moahaugane - a distinctive collection of burial mounds which in the main date back to 200 - 400 AD. We can also show you the protected area Vikøyri, an intact shore dweller site with 60 houses.
From Vik town centre From Vik town centre Vik i Sogn Vik i Sogn

Borgstova is situated in the centre, similarly the engine collection at Kristianhus which also has many objects from the coastal areas by the fjord. You will find the Tourist office here as well.

A short distance from the centre, you find many experiences for those who are interested in the nature and culture: the hill farms situated high up Grønsberg at Seljadalen and Le in Arnafjorden. At Vangsnes is the statue «Fridtjov den frøkne». The isolated farm Finnabotnen is a natural pearl with out road connections.
Fidnabotnen Fidnabotnen Fridtjov statue at Vangsnes Fridtjov statue at Vangsnes

The fjord and the mountain are a short distance away. On the Vika Mountain you can ski into the summer months and enjoy a cool dip in the Sogne Fjord. Fresvik glacier is situated within the district boundaries. Vik authority has produced a tour map, with information about walking trips and marked paths. You can buy the map from the Tourist Office, at camping sites etc. On the mountains, you have many opportunities to fish trout in the lakes and rivers. We can also offer salmon fishing in Vikja. Remember to buy a fishing card.

The natural resources have played an important role in the district, not only farming, but also water power . The water power development has given extended benefits for the farms with new investment in outbuildings, machinery and cultivation.

Agriculture, industry and tourism are important businesses in the district. In farming, milk production, lamb production and production of raspberries are the most important industries Employment in farming with additional industries make up 300 manlabour years.

Vik produces about 900 GWH electricity. In the wake of power development has industry evolved with production of road safety equipment, steel, aluminium panels for different kinds of constructions, road signposts, facade covering, mechanical industry, food industry and in Fresvik, production of refrigerated storage. In addition to this, we also have Vik prison, the only prison in Sogn og Fjordane.
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