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Location: US

2. november 2013 kl. 09:08
Great farms! I went the last summer and the experience was great! thanks for it!

Location: Texas

4. november 2013 kl. 12:02
We had one of the best holidays of our life! What an original location and accommodation!

Location: UK

5. november 2013 kl. 09:49
We stayed in "Fjellstølar" the last time. What a great experience.......back to basic at its finest!! What a great scenery.

Location: mexico

9. november 2013 kl. 01:13
I just wanna say thank you for sharing the content and wish you all the best for your website and your whole team.

Location: mexico

9. november 2013 kl. 01:48
I loved your site and work done in here. I fell here by searching on google and start reading your content and information, and by reading all articles makes me realize that you are posting nice stuff on your pages.

Erik Persson
Location: Oslo

14. november 2013 kl. 10:00
A lot of good information on this site. I'm from Denmark and have been planning to visit this town. Seems really nice.

Best Regards
Erik Persson

Location: Stockholm

29. november 2013 kl. 11:26
I visited this place when i was a little kid with my family. It was nice and peaceful. A great place to go on vacation with your family.



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