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Location: Apeldoorn

10. februar 2013 kl. 14:20
We can get a perfect look at the farms thanks to your lovely website. We will book a trip soon!!

15. februar 2013 kl. 19:25

Jeg tilbrakte en veldig fin tid på denne siden!

Location: Belgium

21. februar 2013 kl. 15:01
Es hat uns sehr gut gefallen. Wir kommen bald wieder!!!!

ingrid swenson
Location: norway

26. februar 2013 kl. 02:10
i visited vik i sogn in 2007, staying with cousin, torunn endestad i also visited your parents anders and liv honsi. i live in florida (usa)

i am writing today to ask if you have contact with the boe family in vik? i did some research at st olaf's college in minnestoa and learned about lars boe, one of st olaf's presidents. the father of lars boe was described as a "pioneer lutheran pastor" is the boe family in vik interested in the boe family who immigrated to the usa. or do they have any information about them?

my father's first cousins were lester and melvin boe. their mother, ingeborg, was my grandmother's sister. i do not know the name of her husband (father of lester and melvin) whose surname was boe. i believe my connection to you is through my maternal grandmother, whose father was a sibling of the honsi family members who immigrated to iowa in 1850's spencer honsey, one of their descendents has been in correspondence with you since 2006.

if you google "lars boe st olaf''s college" you will see some pictures and text about his association with st olaf's college. st olaf's has quite a collection of papers, books on the boe family

ingrid swenson (originally svendsen from the svendsen family in vik)

Location: Bergen

27. februar 2013 kl. 00:53
Masse spennende lesning og flotte bilder fra de forskjellige stølene og gardene. Virkelig et flott arbeide dere har gjort!

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