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Location: Murjek

2. mai 2010 kl. 16:43
Einen Gruß aus schwedisch Lappland zum Sognefjord.

Gerne würde ich wieder einmal Norwegen mit meinem WOMO besuchen. Es ist ein traumhaft schönes Land.

... und schlechtes Wetter gibt es nicht ... sondern nur unpassende Kleidung.

Ralf (Lappländer)

Lynn Elizabeth Peterson
Location: Minnesota

9. mai 2010 kl. 06:07

I am a descendant of the Tenolds and was delighted to find this beautiful website that included photos of the farm. Hopefully, I may find some of my relatives still in Vik. What a stunning part of the world.

We are so looking forward to our visit next summer.

Lynn Elizabeth Peterson

Location: U.S.A.

10. mai 2010 kl. 21:37
It should be no wonder as to any reason why many who were born and raised in Vik are talented in the aesthetics and the Arts and dispersed around the world. Afterall, we all are products of both our genetics, as well as the environment under which we were raised.

Location: Bergen

19. mai 2010 kl. 13:32
Comment: Sende ut ein assistent på måndag, men eg har ikkje høyrt frå han sidan.

Oppdatering: Assistenten er i live. Han skal senda meg avlesinga i kveld.

Location: på leit etter pumpe i byn

26. mai 2010 kl. 12:32
No har han flytta til Voss.

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