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John J
Location: utlandet

2. august 2006 kl. 02:13
Pizza og chips heter pizza and chips i utlandet.

Location: Garp

2. august 2006 kl. 06:32
Glimrande John! Her skal gutta harselera og so ryk dei sjølv i baret!

John J.
Location: Utenfor Trollhaugen

2. august 2006 kl. 18:40
Glimrande? Jo da. Jeg har mottatt priser, men ingenting nylig. Du er den først å legge merke til i det siste. Jeg ville gjerne ryk meg sjølv i baret men det skall være vanskelig siden jeg lære så mye her på website om landet som stamfarene mine forlatte. Det blir mer og mer klart for meg å kjenne grunnene for det.

Det er viktig for meg å fortsette med språket fordi jeg har tenkt alvorlig nok å bli pensjonist i Bergen eller området fire eller fem år fra nå. (Den Danske ateist website er enklere for meg å forstå men ikke helt det samme.) Jeg har lært så mye om indre delene, ikke bare dialektene men også om de flotte fjeller som inneholder Troller og slik. Takk for sist. John

Location: I fjellet

2. august 2006 kl. 20:35
Da er mykje ein skal høyra før røvi detter av.....

John J.
Location: lit nærmere

2. august 2006 kl. 23:08
Takk skal De ha, Trollmeisterjegermeister. Jeg føler nå at jeg og de norske slektninger mine har vært midlertidig rettferdiggjørt. John J.

Location: kjemisk lykkeland

14. august 2006 kl. 10:35
Nokon velger å sjå farane i kvitauga. Andre vel å blunda att!
Comment: Personleg tykkjer eg det verste er at brudgommen i panikken tilsynelatande smyr padleåra rett i åsynet til Ivar.

15. august 2006 kl. 18:12
Tykkje og at da e noko løgje me han einaste so verkeleg glise pao da andra bilde frao raftingi. Han e sporlaust forsvunnen pao da fysta, so eg anteke at han laog klistra ti dørken og kniheldt seg!

Location: Vossing

16. august 2006 kl. 12:33
Dette trur eg den mest fantastiske nettsida eg nokon gong har sett.
Helsing Morten. Hytte eigar på Skjelingen.
For tida i Dushanbe i Tajikistan

Artykuły Reklamowe
17. august 2006 kl. 12:45
Lycka till med din hemsida!

Mari Hauglum Bermingrud
Location: Drammen

18. august 2006 kl. 20:05
Hei! I mangel på noe fornuftig å gjøre, googlet jeg det ene etternavnet mitt (bestefaren min er fra Flåm) og fant dette stedet. Jeg fikk en gang spørsmål om Hauglum var dativ, og kunne ikke svare, men nå er jeg forberedt neste gang noen spør! Takk for det

Location: sadas

19. august 2006 kl. 08:55

Bob Patrick
Location: USA

22. august 2006 kl. 18:33
Thanks for the image sharpening program. It works great and is just what I was looking for. Congratulations on catching such a big fish. I love the way the length keeps growing!

Bob Heddis
Location: united states of BERGEN

23. august 2006 kl. 18:07
Tusen takk for bilde bryne programmet, det virkar stort og er just presis kva eg lokta etter
Comment: Du må ikkje stola på alt Altavista Babelfish fortel deg, Heddis!

Bob Patrick
Location: USA

23. august 2006 kl. 18:10
It is not nice to finna aot folk!

Bob Kåre
24. august 2006 kl. 18:48
It is a kjempefine sight detta here!

Location: Bergen

24. august 2006 kl. 20:13
Eg lure pao ka slags land han fyren dasd kjemme i frao, staden dar han bur heite sad ass, so han e vel ein alien frao uranus. eit anna teikn e spraokje so e heilt meiningslaust bortsett frao ein viss rim kvalitet

Location: utenfor Bergen

24. august 2006 kl. 21:27
Her i utlandet, Sad Ass=bad
Bad Ass=good

Location: innenfor Bergen

24. august 2006 kl. 21:32
Her i innlandet er alt bare rævva

Location: Bergen

24. august 2006 kl. 21:48
Meinar du, vyrde vevrøyktar, om eg kjøyrer John j sine meldingar gjøno Altavista Babelfish so blir dei meir uforståelegge for ein polakk som snakkar nesten lika løgjen svensk, som ein bosniar uttrykkjer seg på inntrøndersk, en viss eg ikkje hadde gjort det?
Comment: Ja

Location: Bergen

25. august 2006 kl. 15:21

John J.
Location: Home

25. august 2006 kl. 19:16
At least six of my colleagues have Norwegian ancestry that I am aware of. I was speaking with one of them recently, a beautiful young nursing student named Berit, about her departure from Senja, Norway about ten years ago. She told me that her mother forbad her to speak nynorsk after their leaving Senja, implying that the dialect would impede her development. The actual term that Berit’s mother used for the dialect’s perceived insufficiencies were far more derogatory. It appears that Berit now has little left of her Norwegian background except for her beauty, her name and a promise to make bløtkake.

I am curious about the divisions and subdivisions of nynorsk which seem resilient to adaptation perhaps because of geographical isolation with its inherent, inbred perceptions and defenses. I also know what isolating, sunless arctic winters can do to a person, having experienced two of them and having not quite recovered from them. Is nynorsk a dialect? I aspire only to an Oslo-intonation and vocabulary. What does it mean when someone from Bergen declares, “I am not from Norway, I am from Bergen?” How incremental are the divisions of identification there? A micro-universe is alien to me. Hopefully there is not a difficult Trondheim dialect, home to my stubborn and blunt ancestors. Expressions on vikjavev are rich despite their lack of Latin roots which makes English so varied. This perception is, however, ethno-centric thus distorted. I notice a magnificent imagination which is extremely attractive. Who needs a Renaissance or an Enlightenment anyway? I catalogue the insults, juxtaposing them with those that I experienced in France which, as we all know, have their own character and provincialism.

Generally, colloquialism here is that which is spoken usually without vocabulary having Latin roots. Of course all of it, including Norwegian, is rooted in India or is that too much of a stretch? The Indo-European base is profound.

I was unaware that your question about the term “sad ass” was purely rhetorical and that you did not expect an answer. Where I come from, usually if you ask a stupid question, you get a stupid answer. Incidentally, check around. My response may be readily verified. J.

Bob bob bob
25. august 2006 kl. 22:00
Its hard to be a nissemann

Location: Bergen

26. august 2006 kl. 01:21
Mr john J.
I shall attemt to answer your questions, but will start with tipping my hat for your contribution on this site. It has been a good read.

Is nynorsk a dialect? No. The blessed Ivar Aasen went up and down this country, collecting words and idioms. He then took them home and mixed them in a trollgryte. You will find anything on the internett about him and nynorsk.

I am not from Norway...? There are several ways of explaining this, first,inside Bergen you are not a real `Bergenser` if you are not born on a silver plate in the Marken Street, or do not have 7 generations of Bergensere on your pedigree.
It is also a common way to express someones longing for their roots.
My way of using it is more down to sports. SK Brann Bergen is the best football club in the world, and they still have won nothing at all. Passionate fanbase, mostly with self-respect, can during a match sing that Brann is the best, and next we sing that we will never win anything.
For many artists it means alot to state that they are from B. It may give them some credibility, most certain in music like metal or pop/rock.
I do not think that it is a degenerated motiv for this declaration, more a envy, because Bergen was Norways first worldcity back in the hanseatic period, and Oslo has now taken over as the major city.
My use of the quote goes down to Quaff ale and watch football.

Who needs a Renaissance or..? They would not know it, would they?

rooted in India...? My etymological knowledge is wery limited, but it seems like many words have their offspring in those regions yes, webmaster is the right person to ask i think.

I did expect an answer, stupid or not, it is more like fishing on the western shores of Senja, you put your bait out and see what come up.

Do you know why centipedes are called thousandlegs in Norway and fiftylegs in serbo-croatian?

Location: Trippin Hell

26. august 2006 kl. 01:55
Norwegian is the richest language!?
Comment: This is due to the countless derogatory words for women

Location: bergen

26. august 2006 kl. 02:04
iallefall i kroner pr ord

John J.
Location: ?

26. august 2006 kl. 19:23
Thirty-five years ago, after having ridden a bicycle from the top of Osterøy to Lånevåg (downhill) and back (uphill), I crashed the same bicycle on my way from Bergen’s sentrum to Fantoft in the middle of the street, backing up traffic, because my bicycle’s tire became caught in an old trolley track. I was injured bodily where no one should ever be injured, yet I made a full recovery except for my pride and an odd awareness that Bergen is . . . . . . . . hyggelig og koselig. My Bergenser og koselig landlady convinced me of that by her demeanor while she told of shrapnel spraying through her parlor and while showing me the table she ducked under decades prior. The table that I saw was smørred with hyggelig smørbrød, not shrapnel. You know, I believe that my metaphors are indeed strained. I did not realize that until I read the reactions to my thoughts on this site. One of my problems is that I am using a Nynorsk-Nynorsk dictionary that I found on-line. No one has any use for a Norwegian dictionary here, so it’s impossible to find one. I told someone ifjor in Bergen that I had intentions of retiring there. He looked at me and said “Rar, no emigrant ever comes back permanently.” (It took Ole Bull two years to return after he left.) I’m not even an emigrant, yet I do have a compelling longing for my roots, therefore, in the Bergensere tradition, “I am not from the Rocky Mountains, I am from Ytre Arna”. --- that doesn’t work even though I’ve made numerous passages through that bloody tunnel contemplating existential absurdity. I have many questions about language and I have almost the courage to open Torstein’s dictionary. Indo-European saturates all European languages. It is the core. Perhaps the passage will lead me to India, via the north, however not in any current incarnation. It’s too easy to become lodged in mountain passes as I have been all of my life. I noticed just yesterday for the first time again how beautiful the mountains here are.

26. august 2006 kl. 19:39
Why are centipedes called thousandlegs?

Z Ali
Location: skipparskulen

28. august 2006 kl. 18:06
Trur kanskje dei vert kalla thousandslegs her i landet då det er særs lite landminer som ligg å flyt.

Location: pilipinas

30. august 2006 kl. 03:06
thank you for the great JS script! I was just wondering, what if i wanted to add a graphic preloader while the images are loading? thanks again.
Comment: The script currently doesn't support that feature yet, but I consider adding it.

Location: pilipinas

31. august 2006 kl. 00:56
that would be great. it helps since i guess most people who will be using the script will generally have a number of images in their galleries.

Location: null

31. august 2006 kl. 06:24
Can you give an example of how to call the Unsharp Mask function?
Comment: Of course. I will publish an example at the download page when I have the time. Check again i a couple of days.

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