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Gary Cramer
Location: Voorschoten, The Netherlands

1. desember 2003 kl. 16:37
I have been to Vik I Sogn many times in the past 25 years. It is a lovely place. Your site is fabulous. Well done.

Pauline St Denis
Location: Thunder bay, Canada

2. desember 2003 kl. 05:08
Your site is wonderful ! My father Hans Hanson came to Canada from Reksnes, Sogn og Fjord. Do you have a picture of that farm? Your pictures are so wonderfully clear. Even though I have never been to Norway personally the pictures make me feel homesick, which is strange because I was raised here in Canada. Keep up the good work. Pauline
Comment: Pauline, thank you for signing my guestbook.
The Reksnes farm is now situated in Eid kommune. Before the boundaries were moved it was in Davik kommune. It is some 2-3 hours drive from Vik, so I'm sorry I have no photos from that area.
Regards, Torstein.

11. desember 2003 kl. 07:27
Byrði betri
berr-at maðr brautu at
en sé mannvit mikit;
vegnest verra
vegr-a hann velli at
en sé ofdrykkja öls.
Comment: Ósnjallur maður
hyggst munu ey lifa,
ef hann við víg varast.
En elli gefur
honum engi frið,
þótt honum Jägermeistar gefi.

Kristin Lundeland
Location: 5118 Ulset

11. desember 2003 kl. 19:48
Dette var ei gøy side med masse bra info om vik,Håper
det går bra videre med sida,kommer sikkert tilbake

Angelica Pickles
Location: Melbourne

11. desember 2003 kl. 19:55
Hello! your site is coolll!!!
i was i vik in juy,a nice litle place
I fell in love there to! With a boy named Marius Stadheim.....He was so cute!!!
oh.. sorry i write much stuid tings but i have bin on the vik mountain,it was nice there.I buy a souvenir,a troll...
Best wishes from Angelica,Lara,John and Lizzie.

John Travolta
Location: America

11. desember 2003 kl. 19:57

Oddvar Fosse
Location: Sandnes

15. desember 2003 kl. 18:27
Flott side med masse fine foto.
For ein utflytta Vikje er det kjekt å sveipe innom når heimlengselsen kriblar i kroppen.
Fortsett det gode arbeidet.

Location: UKJENT

18. desember 2003 kl. 20:16
Comment: Fantasifullt...

Jack Imbertson (Balvoll)
Location: Minnesota USA

25. desember 2003 kl. 04:21
Thanks to Inger

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